Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixtures

About The Silescent Lighting Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture

The Silescent Lighting Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture is designed to provide down lighting in locations requiring tamper proof installations. Example locations where Silescent's Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture can be used are public restrooms, prisons, hospital mental wards, and other similar situations.

The Silescent Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture produces full color spectrum illumination ideal for use in situations requiring video surveillance.  Silescent Lighting's LED lights are proven to improve security systems by yielding higher quality video footage due to the quality of the light source. Color identification is vastly improved by using Silescent's LED lights in security applications, which brings tangible security benefits should there be an incident requiring video playback. The full spectrum LED light produced by our lighting fixtures will provide a clearer picture for better incident identification and reporting.

The fixture is easy to install.  The fixture is mounted to a standard electrical junction box using 2 tamper resistant fasteners.  

This light fixture is an energy efficient, low maintenance, and attractive solution for tamper proof lighting applications.

The standard low profile fixture has an 8 inch diameter with a white powder coated finished. Custom sizes and finishes are available upon request. Please Contact Us with details about your project requirements.

Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture

Mfr. Item Code UPC
V082C01HN350VBD20w 692193787624
Wattage Voltage Dimmable
20w 120/277VAC No
Inches Mounting K
8in Surface 5000 K
Cri Lumens Efficacy (I/W)
80 CRI 2298 114.9