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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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Silescent® Lighting’s integrated approach results in the industry’s most advanced state-of-the-art, solid state LED lighting platform incorporating:

  • Over 10 years Company Experience in LED fixture design and manufacturing
  • Chip On Board (COB) based fixture designs
  • Chip On Boards (COB) use full spectrum color phospors
  • Patented proprietary fixture designs and driver technology
  • Award winning product designs
  • Fixture attractiveness
  • In house driver design and manufacturing
  • Comprehensive Thermal Management incorporated in every fixture design
  • Ease of installation yields lower installed cost solutions
  • Low fixture profiles
  • Availability of customer specific design styles and finishes
  • Wide area dispersion or focused optics available on most fixtures
  • Very high fixture efficacies (high lumen output/watt)
  • Wide range of product wattage: 5 - 200 watts fixtures
  • Fixture count reduction by using high wattage highly efficient fixtures
  • Superior reliability
  • Leasing options available
  • Compatible with a wide range of controls (dimming, motion, photo, etc.)
  • Availability of rebates on Energy Star and DLC fixtures