Balcony LED Lighting Fixtures

About The Silescent Lighting Balcony LED Lighting Fixture

This LED lighting fixture is ideally suited as a balcony fixture, which is why we call it the Silescent Lighting Balcony LED Lighting Fixture. This lighting fixture is an excellent product for new construction and is also perfect for retrofit applications.  It is a low profile proud mounted lighting fixture with an attractive modern design.  

This fixture is stunningly attractive in both the on and off condition.  When on, the light produces a full spectrum color that beautifully illuminates all surrounding surfaces while creating a lovely ambiance for balcony use.  When off, the light fixture becomes virtually unnoticeable, merging into the structure architecture seamlessly.

This fixture is an Energy Star certified energy efficient, low maintenance solution for balcony lighting applications.  The standard product is a white powder coated 8 inch diameter fixture.  This fixture is also available in custom specified trim shapes and colors as well.  View our Product Specification Sheets for a list of all available custom options. If you have custom requirements then please Contact Us to discuss the details.

This fixture is junction box mounted for universal and easy installation using only 2 screws for attachment to the junction box.

Balcony LED Lighting Fixture

Mfr. Item Code UPC
F085C01HN340F3015w 692193787617
Wattage Voltage Dimmable
15w 120/277VAC No
Inches Mounting K
8in Surface 4000 K
Cri Lumens Efficacy (I/W)
80 CRI 1872.7 124.8