At a triage center

At a triage center improvised in a hotel parking lot, people with cuts, broken bones and crushed ribs moaned under tent like covers fashioned from bloody sheets. “I can’t take it any more. My back hurts too much,” said Alex Georges, 28, who was still waiting for treatment a day after the school he was in collapsed and killed 11 classmates.

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He very passionate about everything he does. He puts in an amazing amount of work.Shevlin said there will be a place for Harris when he healthy enough to return.Morningside defensive back Joshua Smith originally committed to the University of Washington, but when a couple of his core classes did not meet NCAA standards, Smith was left without a home.In came DeWayne Walker and the New Mexico State coaching staff, which presented Smith with a late offer contingent on him taking the necessary courses over the Internet during the summer.Smith took world geography and current events on line, sometimes logging on to do two a day sessions on the Internet to make sure he was done on time. At the end, he had to take a 100 question test at a church.was a blessing they were able to wait on me, Smith said.

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