You don’t want to cut into

You don’t want to cut into this area because it contains nerves and blood vessels and it can be difficult to see on dark nails, so be sure to use extra caution. Once you have reached the quick, lightly file the edge of the nail to make them smooth, which keeps them from snagging on things, just like a person’s nails will do without this step. In the event you snip into the quick and it begins to bleed, apply pressure with styptic powder, baby powder or cotton to stop the bleeding.

John Ward 43 pts. R/U. Richard Williams 41 pts. What: Kingston residents Gord Hunter and Ginette Blais appear briefly in Bruce Springsteen’s latest video We Take Care of Our Own and worked backstage at a benefit in which the Boss performed unannounced.To say Gord Hunter and Ginette Blais are music lovers is an understatement. The two met at a George Thorogood concert a few years ago at the K Rock Centre and were married there when the Delaware rocker came back for a return engagement.But even they are wowed by their latest musical adventure, appearing in Bruce Springsteen’s latest video, We Take Care Of Our Own. A day later, they were at a private party and got to talk to the man known as The Boss personally.For Hunter, “It’s a dream come true.

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Mr Pattinson is 61 and, on his own admission, “starting to creak a bit”. He read law at Oxford but his daily schedule speaks of a more physical life up at 4.30am seven days a week, working until 6pm and bed at 9.30pm. He used to have weekends off but that cost 120 for a relief milker.

Once his script was done, he waited for a call from CNN IBN editor in chief Rajdeep Sardesai. No call came. For hours, video editors sat with the tapes. It was a familiar outcome for Jordan Spieth, who still hasn won a singles match in his five Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup appearances combined. That didn dampen his mood. So lopsided were these matches that Patrick Reed said the Americans could have sent out three players on Sunday and figured out how to get one point..

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