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replica ray bans So social media is the platform we need to be on, engaging with our younger generations.”The meeting reflected a few individual’s issues, but this is about the future of Witney, so we need to seek wisdom from our peers, and knowledge from those who are affected by issues faced by those who are less able or affected by housing issues.”Margaret Hamm, of Witney Dramatic Society, came to the meeting to raise the issue of the town’s lacking of a theatre venue. The Corn Exchange itself had previously been used for theatrical productions.She said: “We need a theatre. I’ve been here for 40 years and when I first came there was a theatre, and the community used to come together for such wonderful pantomimes and musicals.”If professionals want to come and stage something now there’s nowhere for them to perform.”Over the coming weeks and months, Witney Vision will look to form a group tasked with putting the plan together replica ray bans.

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