Why Silescent Lighting is the best choice for mid to high lumen level LED lighting Applications

Think outside the bulb

Silescent products are not bulbs, they are integrated light machines. They combine the light emitting, heat removal, intelligent control module, and mounting fixture into one product. Silescent believes that this is the optimal way to build mid to high lumen level LED lighting products.

Most other LED manufacturers are still working on bulb technologies that are becoming technologically obsolete since the LED light emitting source will now last as long as the fixture. There is little reason to design a removal type bulb structure other than to use existing infrastructure in retrofit applications. For new construction, installation of an integrated fixture will almost always be the best choice.

The use of LED bulbs for low lumen applications and low use applications is widespread and may be justified based on cost, but the thermal management and driver size constraints of the bulb design work against the reliability and efficient performance of the LED bulb.

Selection of the Citizen LED Array Chip as the source of LED light for Silescent Fixtures

The Citizen LED Array chip was chosen to be the LED upon which all present Silescent fixtures are based. This chip was chosen because of its superior performance characteristics, reliability, form factor, and color spectrum availability. Silescent believes that the cost premium paid for this chip is justified based on its performance.

Thermal Management of Silescent LED Products

In order to achieve optimum performance and lifetime of the LED light source, the junction temperature of the LED array must be kept as cool as possible. All LED array chip manufacturer published performance and lifetime information is given at a junction temperature of 25 degrees Centigrade. In order to achieve these potential figures the light must be designed to remove the heat from the diode efficiently. Silescent does this with its patented heat forward light forward fixture design. Silescent uses a variety of designs of attractive thermal rings that attach to the forward faces of the light engines to create fixtures that function as forward radiating heat sinks to accomplish this goal. Additional thermal management is also programmed into the LED driver itself.

Silescent Designs and Manufactures its own LED Drivers

The Silescent driver is a microprocessor based software driven intelligent driver. This assures optimum operation efficiency and control options. The driver software and packaging features include:

  • Smooth full range dimming to less than .1 percent of full power

  • Light level output calibration

  • LED chip thermal protection

  • Power factors in excess of 98 percent

  • Driver efficiencies in excess of 85 percent

  • Standard waterproof design

Thermal management by using the same thermal ring as the LED array using a patented sandwich construction technique

Small size design allows easy mounting fit inside a standard electrical J box

The combination of these driver design and performance features, together with the design of the physical housing in which they are contained, is unmatched in the LED fixture industry.

Silescent Designs and Manufactures its own LED Controls

The microprocessor based Silescent driver allows the creation of a truly intelligent light. This driver is designed to interface with standard DCI controls as well as with Silescent’s own control systems. Silescent has its own digital dimmer, and is working in partnership with Ambionce to design and produce a line of superior phase dimming products to be available by the 4th quarter of 2012. In addition, most manufacturers’ new phase dimmers work with the Silescent AC powered lighting products. The Silescent lights are also designed to work with input from motion sensors, light sensors, and RF signals allowing a full range of switching and dimming options in order to optimize energy savings.

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