Together, they have about 75 percent of the vote

AXELROD: I really wasn’t surprised for a number of reasons. One is I think no one understands the toll and the demands of running for president more than Joe Biden, who’s done it twice before and who was on a national ticket twice. And so I’m sure he was weighing that against some of the things that his family’s been through. But the bigger point was there was really no room for him in this race. There was time in the summer there was a time in the summer when Hillary Clinton was stumbling and Democrats were in something of a panic and urging him in as an alternative. But that period has passed, and she really slammed the door on it with her very strong debate performance. So if you look at the polls, she is a pretty solid frontrunner here, and Bernie Sanders is a very solid second place. Together, they have about 75 percent of the vote. There just was no room for Biden in this race.

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Canada Goose Outlet I want to do something about gun laws, but I can’t, because the NRA is in the way. I want to do something about climate change, which is near and dear to my heart and I think is the defining issue of the 21st century canada goose outlet, but I can’t because big oil like Exxon Mobil is in the way. I want to dosomething about a woman’s right to choose, but I can’t, because there are so many special interest groups. And this is compounded by the fact that no Pennsylvanian woman has a voice in the halls of Congress. At the state level, Afghanistan has more women in its national legislature than Pennsylvania has in the state House. Where are we right now? We’re living in the Middle Ages in terms of representation. Canada Goose Outlet

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