Today’s parents are more demanding because Japan’s declining

This was later simplified to red, yellow, green, and violet. The M34 grenade was a variant of the M15 designed to be usable as a rifle grenade using the M2 series of grenade launching adapters, and was ribbed to give the fins better grip on the grenade body.[16]A purpose designed smoke flare, the M18 was a smoke grenade visually similar to the M8, but with a different type of filler and internal construction. The M18 was produced with four colors of smoke: yellow, green, red, and violet.

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Replica Handbags Saito, who has treated more than 1,000 hikikomori patients, views the problem as largely a family and social disease, caused in part by the interdependence of Japanese parents and children and the pressure on boys, eldest sons in particular, to excel in academics and the corporate world. Hikikomori often describe years of rote classroom learning followed by afternoons and evenings of intense cram school to prepare them for high school or university entrance exams. Today’s parents are more demanding because Japan’s declining birth rate means they have fewer children on whom to push their hopes, says Mariko Fujiwara, director of research at the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living in Tokyo. Replica Handbags

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