These “rootless” people include what some call “shopping bag

The Travelers Aid office in Los Angeles is jammed most of the time, reports Phyllis Ehrenberg, assistant director of Travelers Aid there.But she says one of the shortcomings of current efforts to help runaway elders is follow up: Often no one is sure how the elderly person is doing until he or she shows up again seeking help.As do her counterparts in New York, assistant director Ehrenberg sees many elderly runaways, especially men, who have no family to return to.These “rootless” people include what some call “shopping bag ladies,” who carry all their worldly possessions in bags and live in railroad stations or hallways of other public buildings, says a New York social worker. One man is known to have been on the road since 1959. He recently dropped in at the Center for Family Services in West Palm Beach, Fla., seeking bus fare to Tampa..

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