The plot eerily depicted terror attacks in New York City and a

Foreshadowing: Young Derek gives baby Odette a locket with a swan on it, and when they grow into young adults, he compares her to The Ugly Duckling who “somehow suddenly became a swan.” Later in the movie, she’s cursed to become a swan each time the moon sets. When Rothbart attempts to take William’s kingdom the first time, his magic takes on the shape of the Great Animal. French Jerk: Jean Bob, who has an outrageous French accent (hey, he’s voiced by John Cleese) and is shown to be the most selfish, insufferable, and full of himself of Odette’s animal companions. In 1998, Hollywood released the movie The Siege, starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. The plot eerily depicted terror attacks in New York City and a climate of fear, uncertainty and tension that followed. At the heart of more info the film is what transpires in the process of finding the terrorists: martial law is declared, the borough of Brooklyn is sealed off and young males of Arab/Middle Eastern descent are rounded up and detained.

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