The Phillies drafted Hamels

In a non descript office building in Mira Mesa, there are roughly a dozen entrepreneurs, working to make money off marijuana. The sign on the front of the door reads San Diego, it a business accelerator program for technology based ancillary products and service companies targeting the legal cannabis industry.Jack Scatizzi and Eric Gomez are the founding partners of Canopy San Diego. According to Scatizzi, Canopy San Diego offers each individual business $20,000 upfront, plus 16 weeks of training and mentorship, in exchange for 5 to 10% equity in their company.we looking to do is import people with backgrounds from other industries and drop them into the cannabis industry to develop the right solutions for this business, said Scatizzi.The hope is that these business ventures will be up, running and ready to be successful when recreational marijuana use becomes legal in California in 2018.In addition to the designer marijuana storage box by Apothecarry, other businesses include a platform for medical marijuana patients to achieve better health outcomes, a cloud based marijuana business solution, an electric tracking system for commerical cannabis cultivations and even a digital news network to cover the business of pot.

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