The OPP is calling on drivers and passengers

A lot of things have not happened since Polian hired Chip Kelly disciple Tim Cramsey as offensive coordinator last January. The most disturbing development is that the Wolf Pack has all but obliterated its tradition of putting a productive, potent and powerful offense on the field. The Wolf Pack, now 3 4 after an anemic 14 10 loss at San Jose State last Saturday night, has arguably the worst offense in the Mountain West right now.

The OPP is calling on drivers and passengers to help make the fall seatbelt campaign a success. The Cheap Snapbacks campaign gets underway today. The O P P say 347 people have been killed while not wearing seatbelts in collisions they investigated over the past five years.

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During a telephone conversation after the meeting, Barletta said he will take a couple of days to contemplate the proposed appointment to a Cabinet post. Want to take a good look at it and look into the Department of Labor, Barletta said. Intend to weigh my options whether I could help President elect Trump more as Secretary of Labor in his Cabinet or as a member of Congress.

It’s go time for one of Nike’s most innovative sneakers ever and time to say goodbye to tripping over your shoelaces. Nike first showed off its Hyperadapt sneakers in March. The sneakers feature what Nike calls “adaptive lacing” technology, which can automatically tweak the snugness of the shoe.

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