The effect is reflected on his decision

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Islamic Islamic University
Islamic Thought University
Guidance and Guidance Department
A valuable lecture entitled: The lining of good and its beneficial effect on the shepherd and the parish

The Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Latif Saleh El-Farfour El Hassany
The laws of sociology that man is affected by his body and his rescuers and his own, and those who are called ancient in the early Islamic times with the people of his office, and shows the impact of that in his thinking and behavior and lifestyle. The effect is reflected on his decision, especially if he is a power, br> No matter how small or growing power, and whether it is at the level of the presidency of the State
or the Ministry of Ben The Ministry of Enforcement and the Ministry of Implementation, or the Shura Councils, or otherwise – from the positions of responsibility in the State

The most affected by his belly and his successors and the people of the Council are the governors, rulers, princes and presidents
Perhaps those I referred to them from the lining and the people of the Diwan appear silently

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