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* Habricks is a loan site like Bitconnect and RegalCoin where you can earn upto 45% per month or 1.5% every * The site is more developed than RegalCoin or < br> * 10000000 HABRIK will be available for sale for
* The pre-ICO price is 0.80 USD (no minimum purchase amount) , and with 30% bonus bonus. Pre ICO begins on 7
* Approximately 2 million tokens have been sold in 5 * ICO from October 7th and ends on the 22nd * * LENDING PROGRAM *
* Habricks Loan Program, Coming Soon, Get Up to 45% Growth of Your Investment in Dividend Wallets.. Get Annual Gain Up to 540% * $ 100 – $ 1000 Volatility Software Not After 299 Days * $ 1010 * $ 5000 Devices Volatility Software + 10% Daily After 239 Days *
* $ 5010 – Software Volatility $ 10000 + 20% every day after 174 days *
* $ 10010 – Software Volatility $ 100000 + 25% Daily After 124 Days *

* Get Referral Bonus 10% Bonus, What Reference You Buy HBC There HBC Wallet *

Make a profit 10% every year for your investment in your HALL WALLET, *


Token Name: HB Token *
* Coin Singk atan: HBC *
* Maximum coin supply: 50 Million *
* Number of Tokens for sale in ICO: 16000000 *
* Algorithm: Scrypt *
* Accepted * * Cryptocurrencies: BTC *
* Pre ICO Token Rate: * At ICO Token Rate: above 1 USD *
* On Exchange Token rate: above 5 USD *
* POW block reward: 50 REC *
* Time between reward: 120 seconds *
* Minimum age of pegs: 45 days *
Maximum age: 90 days *
* POS Annual interest: 10% *

Whitepaper: *
* Free Register: *
* Office No: 258, 452 Beech Street, CentralPoint, London EC2Y 8AD *.

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