The Basic Components that compose an LED lighting fixture design

The basic subsystems used to design and build an LED light fixture, and which determine the fixture’s appearance, performance, cost, and ease of installation are:

LED array chip

Thermal Management components

LED Driver

Controls and control interfaces

Physical system design, fabrication, and assembly


The LED array chip

Silescent Lighting has chosen to base all of its present lighting fixture designs on the Citizen LED array chip. Citizen has been the leader in in product quality and innovation in LED chip design since they first introduced the first LED array chip. Silescent Lighting has been designing LED lighting fixtures based on Citizen LED array chip technology since 2008 when the early array chips were first commercially introduced. Many improvements in these chips have been introduced over the years, and competitors have emerged, but Silescent Lighting still believes that Citizen still has a commanding lead in this technology, and therefore continues to base its fixture designs based upon the Citizen LED array chip product line.

Thermal Management Components

Thermal management of the LED array chip is essential in order to optimize its performance and lifetime. Silescent Lighting accomplishes this with its patented heat forward-light forward thermal management technology. Silescent incorporates its passive radiating heat sinks into patented attractive fixture designs. The LED driver also produces waste heat that must be removed from the system. Silescent Lighting accomplishes this by sandwiching the thermal heat sink between the LED array chip and the driver and using the same heat sink to remove and disperse heat from both heat sources. This design arrangement has also been patented by Silescent Lighting. The thermal patents that Silescent Lighting has been granted provide a technical advantage vs. other methods of heat sinking LED lighting fixtures.

The LED Driver

A driver is required to operate the Citizen LED array chip. This driver is the brains of the light. Silescent Lighting uses a proprietary combination of microprocessor bases electronic hardware and software to drive the LED array chips in its lighting fixtures. Silescent Lighting manufactures these proprietary drivers in-house. These drivers control and protect the LED array chip, and provide dimming and other control interface options. These drivers are designed to produce optimum energy efficiency, high power factors, and low EMI. Silescent Lighting has used its superior driver technology to produce the first Energy Star rated high lumen output flush mounted wide area dispersion LED lighting fixture.

Controls and Control Interfaces

The use of the intelligent microprocessor based Silescent Lighting driver allows the use of multiple control options. All DC powered Silescent Lighting products can be operated by a proprietary digital dimming system. All AC powered Silescent lighting fixtures can either be phase dimmed using existing wiring and off the shelf phase dimmers, or alternatively they can be dimmed digitally if control wires are connected to the fixtures and then connected to the dimming controller. Alternately, RF can be used to connect these lights to the dimming system without additional control wiring once the new Silescent Lighting RF interface system is introduced by the end of the 4th quarter of 2012. Motion sensor and photo sensor controls are also available for interface to all Silescent Lighting products. Each fixture can also be interfaced to larger building sytem controls using the DCI output feature available in the system.

Physical System Design, Fabrication, and Assembly

All Silescent Lighting fixtures up to 3500 lumens have been designed to be flush mounted by attachment to a standard size electrical J box. This sets the size requirements for the driver physical envelope. All Silescent Lighting fixtures are compact and lightweight in addition to incorporating all other appearance and performance related design features.

The driver housing is manufactured to tight tolerances as are the thermal rings and optics. This allows the fixture to be designed as a waterproof fixture. In addition, it is anticipated that this construction methodology will allow conversion of the fixture to an explosion proof version where required.


All Silescent Lighting fixtures are available with several optics related options. These include diffuser donuts, double diffusers, lensing, and recessed or flush mount options.

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