Since DuMont owned three television stations and Paramount

Although both DuMont and Paramount executives stated that the companies were separate, the FCC ruled that Paramount’s partial ownership of DuMont meant that DuMont and Paramount were in theory branches of the same company. Since DuMont owned three television stations and Paramount owned two, the federal agency ruled neither network could acquire additional television stations. The FCC requested that Paramount relinquish its stake in DuMont, but Paramount refused.[24] According to television historian William Boddy, “Paramount’s checkered anti trust history” helped convince the FCC that Paramount controlled DuMont.[25] Both DuMont and Paramount Television Network suffered as a result, with neither company able to acquire five O Meanwhile, CBS, ABC, and NBC had each acquired the maximum of five stations by the mid 1950s.[26].

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