School Classroom LED Lighting Fixture System Kits

General Kit Description

The Silescent Lighting classroom LED lighting system kit consists of all of the components necessary to be installed as a class 2 electrical turnkey installation. This includes all lighting fixtures, a central power and control unit (CRJ), system controls, and all wiring cables and installation hardware. All that is required is a 110-277 VAC duplex outlet within a reasonable distance of the proposed CRJ installation location to provide “plug-in power” to the system. The kit is produced in modular form to accommodate different size classrooms. Each component module used to build the classroom kit system can be supplied as an energy star rated system. This allows the entire classroom kit to be classified as an energy star installation. This makes the Silescent Lighting classroom kit available for energy rebates in many areas of the US.

The Purpose of the LED Lighting Kit

The purpose of this kit is to provide superior quality turnkey new installation or retrofit LED classroom lighting systems that are economical and easy to install. These kits are designed to pay for themselves in a reasonable period of time using the significant energy savings of the Silescent Lighting flush mount wide area dispersion LED lighting fixtures. They will also improve classroom lighting quality, eliminate contribution to environmental mercury contamination common with fluorescent and CFL bases lighting systems. They eliminate the need for bulb replacements and therefore reduce building maintenance costs. In addition, these lights have been designed to improve the general mood and health of the room occupants.

Classroom Design Illumination Goals

The Silescent Lighting classroom lighting kit is designed to provide between 40- 50 foot-candles of light at desk level in rooms with 8-10 foot ceilings. This is a significantly lower illumination level than is required with fluorescent systems. The Silescent Lighting light fixtures use a Citizen LED array that produces a smooth color spectrum throughout the visible light range. Experience has shown that this level of light will actually seem brighter to room occupants than nearly twice the amount of fluorescent light.

Kit Component Specifications

The classroom LED lighting kit consists of the following components:

Silescent Lighting LED lighting fixtures

Silescent Lighting Central Junction Box (CJB). This is provided in one of 3 configurations as specified by the order placement. These 3 choices are: ceiling mount version for drop ceiling installations, wall mount system for hard mount ceiling installations, and a rack mounted system for closet location of the CJB for hard mount ceiling applications.

Silescent Lighting Dimmer

A wall mounted multi-zone touch control for on/off and system dimming for each independent lighting zone. 2 zones are standard with the kit, but an option for 3 or more zones is available.

Plenum rated color coded RJ45 4 wire power and control cables as required

All cable required to connect the light fixtures and dimmer to the (CRJ) are provided with the kit. These are provided in color coded lengths that are specified by Silescent Lighting and provided with the kit using the room size information provided by the customers with their orders. Where longer cable lengths are required for any reason, plug-in cable extenders are available. It is recommended that system installers keep a few of these in stock for unexpected circumstances. This will allow the installation to proceed without interruption.

Light fixture mounting hardware as required for drop ceiling installations

This is the most convenient installation situation. It also produces the most attractive installation as fixtures are able to be flush mounted to the ceiling tiles. Each light fixture requires a spreader- bar, a plenum rated electrical J box, and 3 fasteners in order to mount the light fixture to the overhead drop ceiling panel system. One fastener attaches the spreader bar to the electrical J box, and the other 2 fasteners attach the light to the J box. This can be accomplished in a very quick and easy manner if the standard instructions are followed. Installation instructions, pictures, and illustrations are provided to assist with this installation.

Light fixture mounting hardware as required for hard ceiling installations

Installing the kit in a hard ceiling location is slightly more difficult and is less physically attractive than the drop ceiling installation. Nevertheless, it is a very effective installation and provides all the other benefits of the drop ceiling version. The fixtures are mounted directly to “proud mounted” electrical J boxes. Fixtures are daisy chained in groups of 2 or 3 depending on fixture model in order to reduce the number of cable runs. The cables are covered with “proud mounted” raceways and connected to the “proud mounted” CJB and dimmer to complete the system installation.

System Flexibility Accommodates Classroom size and type variations

The Silescent Lighting classroom kit has been designed using a modular concept. A single module consists of 100 watts power supply mounted with integral power distribution and zone controls mounted in a plenum rated box, connecting RJ45 cables, and 90 watts or less of Silescent Lighting LED light fixtures (either 2 or 3 lights depending on fixture model no.). 2 higher wattage fixtures can be used in each module instead of 3 lower watt fixtures when higher than standard (40-50 foot-candles at desk level) are desired. Multiples assemblies of this control module are then mounted into the system Central Junction Box (CJB) to meet the requirements of each particular room size and lighting requirements.

Preferred Lighting fixture Arrangements

The preferred lighting layout for very common 16 light fixture kit is 4 rows of evenly spaced light fixtures with each containing 4 light fixtures. This gives a 4 X 4 grid. Other layouts are possible for different room sizes such as 3 X 4 grids, 4 X 5 grids, etc. Every effort should be made to evenly space the light fixtures in order to obtain the most even light distribution within the room.

Kit Lighting Controls and Operation

The wall mounted multi-zone dimmer control should be mounted within easy reach a person entering the main classroom door. This Silescent Lighting dimmer is a patented touch control fixture. It has on/off as well as full range dimming down to less than 1 percent in up to 3 zones in the same fixture.

Installation Procedures

Standard installation procedures have been worked out and are available for all Conscious Lighting kit installations.

Kit System Performance Characteristics

The Silescent Lighting LED light fixtures are the most efficient LED fixtures available. These fixtures are delivering upwards of 80 lumens of light per watt of energy, from the fixture into the room. This is due to the combination of the Citizen LED array chip, the Silescent Lighting thermal management of this chip, the Silescent Lighting LED driver design, and the Silescent Lighting fixture design that produces an integrated fixture that is unmatched in the industry.

Kit “Green Product Features”

The Silescent Lighting classroom LED lighting kit is truly a “green” product. Not only does this system utilize the most energy efficient light fixtures available, this system also utilizes zones and zone dimming to produce even more energy savings. This is possible because the Silescent Lighting light fixture is truly an “intelligent” light.

This system also has no negative environmental components, and is fully recyclable. There are no bulb disposal issues.

Silescent Lighting products are mercury free in contrast to CFL’s and Fluorescent tubes.

No other light fixtures or lighting system offers this unique blend of “green” features and performance.

System Operation Features

Th Silescent Lighting classroom kit is designed to take advantage of the multiple zone capability and full range dimming of each zone to produce a classroom theater environment. Typical classrooms have single zone on/off operation fluorescent systems. The Silescent Lighting system is intended to split the lighting zones in front of and behind the multi-media projection systems that are commonly used in classrooms today. Current operation of these systems is very inefficient because the lights in the entire room must be either on or off during a multi-media presentation. This results in either a dark classroom, or a washed out presentation. The Silescent Lighting system can be turned off in the zone in front of the projector, and dimmed in the remainder of the room. A third zone centered around the teacher’s desk allows the teacher to work in the classroom outside of class hours without lighting the whole room. This saves additional energy.

Typical Operational Cost Savings Calculations

The cost of electrical power, hours of operation, reduced air-conditioning costs, and reduced maintenance and bulb disposal costs can be used to determine operational costs savings and system ROI. It is often quite surprising how quickly a Silescent Lighting kit installation will pay for itself. Contact Silescent Lighting for assistance in calculating system ROI for your desired applications.

Additional System Performance Advantages

There are many advantages of a Silescent Lighting classroom kit installation other than its financial advantages. These include improved multi-media presentation capability, environmental consciousness, elimination of irritating hum and flicker from fluorescent systems, improved color perception, consistent and more evenly distributed room illumination levels, a more relaxed and healthy work environment, improved productivity, reduction in waste generation, and reduced maintenance hassles.


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