Company Background

Silescent® Lighting Corporation is a Florida based LED lighting products manufacturing company. Silescent offers the broadest selection of commercial and residential LED fixtures which accommodate both new construction and retrofit lighting markets. Additionally, Silescent offers the highest wattage products available in low voltage DC LED lighting products, which are ideally suited for solar and other alternative energy installations. Silescent is continuing to expand its product line with the soon-to-be-released outdoor LED lighting product lines which include security & parking lot pole mount LED fixtures as well as wall mount LED fixtures.

Silescent products have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours; they are up to 99% recyclable; contain no mercury; are extremely energy efficient; and are reliable.


Silescent has designed its products based on a COB LED array integrated fixture, not a bulb based model.  Silescent’s patented thermal management technique intentionally conducts the heat generated by the COB LED array and driver away from these sources and radiates it forward into the environment that the fixture is lighting. This creative solution efficiently cools the critical fixture components including the LED array itself to temperatures well below their rated temperatures, thereby creating a reliable product. Products that cannot be properly thermally managed due to design or installation limitations will have reduced life and light producing performance.

Silescent utilizes sophisticated proprietary driver technologies which provide efficiency, reliability and high power factor.  Silescent drivers are designed in-house and integrated into our own fixture designs to safeguard their efficiency, intended use and reliability.  The form factor of the driver designs contributes to our fixture aesthetics as well as the convenience and ease of installation of the integrated LED fixture.

Product Differentiators:

  • COB LED array based product design;
  • Patented Thermal Management: Heat Forward, Light Forward;
  • Patented Design & Construction: Compact & modular design;
  • Ease of Installation/Mounting, both retro-fit and new construction:
    most all Silescent fixtures utilize a single electrical junction box mounting system;
  • Ultra Low Profile creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance;
  • Low-Plenum design;
  • Extensive range of Product sizes: 5watts to 200watts;
  • Variable Input Voltages: 120VAC/277VAC/24VDC/48VDC;
  • Variable control options:  ON/OFF, motion activated, dimming (digital & 120VAC phase);
  • Variable fixture optics;
  • Comprehensive IP Portfolio: 7 Utility Patents, 4 Design Patents,
    Countless Trade Secrets and Software as well as many more Patents Pending;
  • Extra Long Lifetime Ratings up to 100,000 hours.
Silescent Lighting Corporation Residential LED Lighting Fixture Installation