Replacement of Existing Recessed Lighting Fixtures (Can Lights) or Proud Mounted Down Lights Using Silescent LED Down Light Fixtures

Replacement of recessed lighting fixtures is a very common requirement to achieve better illumination and energy efficiency. This is very easy to do in drop ceiling installations where there is easy access to the space above the ceiling to access wiring or install new wiring runs. Unfortunately, many of these applications involve hard ceiling mounted fixtures. In many of these cases, it would be cost prohibitive to run new wire. Therefore it is necessary to use the existing wire and mount locations. In these cases, the AC version of the Silescent Lighting Recessed LED Lighting Fixture is used. Generally only on/off operation is required, but if dimming is desired, most off the shelf phase dimmers work with Silescent Lighting Recessed LED Lighting Fixtures. Mounting of the light to the existing J box by using an adapter plate and if necessary, the use of a mounting-hole close-out adapter to cover potential exposed area not covered by the lighting fixture, is the common procedure. Contact Silescent Lighting for an evaluation of your current needs. We will work with you to help you select your replacement fixture. Important considerations are color temperature and desired lumen output requirements.

There are some down light recessed fixtures that were designed with an in-fixture electrical connector. These lights are very easy to retrofit with Silescent LED recessed fixtures. In these applications, the Silescent recessed led fixture is equipped with a pigtailed wiring connector that mates to the existing fixture connector. The existing can light mounted in the interior of these fixtures is removed and an adapter plate is used to mount the Silescent light fixture to the existing remaining structural fixture. This is a very quick and easy installation that can be performed in minutes.

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