Ratty and Mole are attracted by the smell of the cheese

Bogus is able to free himself from the box before he comes up with an idea on how to get back at both the bully and Ratty and Mole. Bogus then starts sawing and drilling holes in a piece of wood, then paints it to look like some cheese. Bogus lifts up the same trap that the bully used on him before propping it up with the stick as he places the fake cheese under the box then placing cheese crumbs in front of a fan which he turns on to blow the smell of the cheese to Ratty and Mole’s direction. Ratty and Mole are attracted by the smell of the cheese. Ratty then rushes out as he starts eating the cheese crumbs which leads to the trap while Mole follows after him. When Ratty approaches the fake cheese, he tries to bite into it, but can’t before realizing that he’s been had before noticing that he’s directly under the box trap. Mole starts running towards Ratty at the same time that Bogus pulls the string, which causes the stick to get pulled away for the trap to fall on top of Ratty, which Mole runs into. Bogus then places a funnel https://www.perfect-hermes.com into the hole of the box before coming back with a can of yellow paint as he pours the paint all over Ratty before taking the funnel out from the hole and leaves just as the bully returns with his dad to show him what he caught. However, the bully’s dad doesn’t believe him when he says that he caught a rodent of some kind, but when the bully lifts up the box trap, he is shocked to find Ratty all covered with yellow paint as the dad angrily tells his son that he’s grounded. The bully’s dad then leaves the garage as Ratty rushes off to wash the paint off of himself, with help from Mole.

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