Polish Perspectives” (SPP) was the first popular science

I’m really grateful to Karolina for attracting my attention to this fascinating and unusual conference concept. A conference for scientists all linked by a shared nationality. In modern science this is a very rare thing, the emphasis is typically on international collaboration, yet could conferences like SPP add something new to the scientific dialogue, partiularly now that people of the same nationality can become so globally dispersed?Date: 19th to 21st OctoberOrganised by members of the Oxford University Polish Society, Cambridge University Polish Society and LSE: Polish Business Society, “Science. Polish Perspectives” (SPP) was the first popular science conference aimed solely at Polish researchers who study and/or conduct their research outside of Poland. SPP attracted over a hundred delegates from all around Europe to Oxford on October 19th and kicked off the meeting by attending the drinks assisted registration event.

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