MethodsDesign and settingWe conducted a retrospective

man dies after falling close to 55 floors from building

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pandora bracelets They include alfuzosin (which exhibits clinical uroselectivity), and tamsulosin and silodosin (which exhibit true 1A receptor selectivity, which is the primary receptor in the prostate).6 7 8 9 Their selectivity for the prostate hypothetically reduces the risk of hypotension due to reduced 1B antagonism.However, as a class, all antagonists have been associated with side effects such as hypotension and dizziness.6 10 11 For this reason pandora jewellery, antagonists in general have been identified as a class of medication to discontinue in a patient who falls.12 However, this recommendation is primarily based on perceptions of the hypotension risk associated with non specific antagonists, and the potentially lower risk, prostate specific drugs have not been widely studied. In addition, previous research has failed to demonstrate a consistent conclusion regarding the risk of falls and fractures with antagonists used for benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms. Studies have both demonstrated11 13 14 and failed to demonstrate15 16 this risk.The effect of benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment on falls and fractures has been identified as an important research question1 14 because of the direct morbidity associated with falls in the elderly (such as fracture and head injury), the common need for nursing home admission after a fall, and the substantial direct medical costs.12 The objective of this study was to use administrative data to assess the 90 day risk of fall or fracture among men initiating a prostate specific antagonist.MethodsDesign and settingWe conducted a retrospective, matched cohort study using datasets from the province of Ontario (Canada) that were linked using unique, encoded identifiers and analyzed at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. pandora bracelets

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