Kept looking at houses in Brooklyn

Draughon knew Jordan, too. Ralph “Shug” Jordan was a player and assistant football coach when Draughon came to Auburn to teach in the history department in 1931. Jordan and Draughon’s wife, Caroline Marshall Draughon of Orrville, had known each other in high school in Selma..

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wholesale jerseys from china Kept looking at houses in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, but I couldn afford it, said Linda Porter, a lifelong Brooklyn resident who moved from Fort Greene to East Stroudsburg with her daughter, son in law and their two children in May. Don get a lot for your money [in Brooklyn]; but you get a lot for your money out here. In the Poconos can go for as little as $120,000, said Stroudsburg real estate agent Kriss Ferrara, herself a longtime New York City resident who bought a vacation home in the area, then decamped for good.. wholesale jerseys from china

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