It is a work in progress, and slowly taking form

The film opens when the younger brother Tommy (Hardy) returns to Pittsburgh after leaving with his mother years ago to escape his father’s out of control alcoholism. He begins working out at a local gym and asks his father Paddy (celebrating 1000 days on the wagon) to train him for the Sparta tournament, a 16 contestant, single elimination MMA tournament with a winner take all million purse. Tommy’s got a few demons in his past though, and it turns out he’s not just in it for the money..

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Wholesale replica bags Enter James Mowry, who is given an offer he can’t refuse: he will lend his skills and talents to the Terran cause and become a “wasp”, a lone saboteur whose task is to bring one of the many Sirian planetary governments into chaos and give the Terrans an opportunity to attack. Mowry is given extensive training, disguised as a Sirian and sent to the planet Jaimec. With ample resources at his disposal, he proceeds with the plan, a great part of which is faking the existence of a revolutionary organization, the Dirac Angestun Gesept (“Sirian Freedom Party”) to tie up the army and the Sirian State Sec, Kaitempi, with defending themselves against an imaginary enemy Wholesale replica bags.

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