Installation Procedures for the Conscious Lighting* Multi-zone Fully Dimmable Classroom Theater Lighting Kit

Option A- Drop Ceiling Installation Procedures

The recommended installation procedure for the installation of these fixtures is to use the Conscious Lighting Pre-Engineered Kit System. This system can be applied singly as in a classroom, bathroom, conference room, or office. It can also be applied in larger areas by using a grid system consisting of multiple subsystems of up to 24 units of 30 watt-2000 lumen Silescent fixtures.

Step 1- Install a duplex outlet at a convenient system center in the area above the drop ceiling. This line can be separately installed and connected to the breaker box, or alternatively, the existing fluorescent lights may be removed and the wiring terminated and stowed in the existing electrical J boxes associated with the prior fluorescent fixtures. Power can be connected from one of these J boxes to the required duplex outlet. The existing wiring switch and breaker can now be reused as is in this system. Alternately, the existing on/off switch can be replaced with a momentary system reset switch.

Step 2- Lay out the lighting grid in the room. Remove the panels in which fixtures are to be mounted. Using a hole saw and a template, drill a 4-5 inch diameter hole in the center of each tile. It is best to do this over a trash can outside the room in order to collect the “sawdust”. This makes cleaning up after the job much easier.

Step 3- Assemble the kit J box to the spreader mount bar with the nut provided in the manner illustrated.

Step 4- Plug in all of the RJ45 cables to the CRJ. Also plug in the dimmer control cable to the CRJ. Leave all cables coiled.

Step 5- Install the Center Junction box in the drop ceiling square, and tether it to the ceiling structure. This may be done by using a ------- tool to mount the tether strap to the hard ceiling above the drop ceiling.

Step 6- Uncoil the RJ45 cables to each light fixture location. Uncoil the dimmer control cable to the dimmer installation location. Install hanger tethers per the method used in step 5. This will suspend the RJ45 cables instead of leaving them lie on the top of the ceiling tiles.

Step 7- Install the lighting zone dimmer switch into the wall near the entry door. This should be done per the instructions shown in figure ---.

Step 8- Install the modified panels back into the ceiling. Remove an adjacent panel and lift the light mounting fixture assembly up through the resulting hole and snap it into place in the ceiling grid frame with the fixture protruding through the 4-5 inch hole in the panel as shown in figure ----.

Step 9- Attach the light fixture to the J box protruding into the ceiling Panel hole using the 2 screws provided with the kit as illustrated in figure –.

Step 10- Attach the double diffuser assembly to each fixture using the 2 screws provided with the kit as shown in figure --.

Step 11- Plug the RJ 45 cable for the dimmer into the dimmer. Then plug in the RJ45 cables into each light fixture. This will allow you to dim the lights prior to turning them on. This is easier on the installation technician’s eyes.

Step 12- Set each light to the zone required by using the switches provided in the CRJ.

Step 13- Replace all ceiling panels removed for system installation access.

Step 14- Test operate the system.

* The Conscious Lighting Classroom Kit incorporates Silescent Low Profile- Flush Mount -Wide Area Dispersion- LED Fixtures and Control components, and off the shelf standard installation hardware.

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