Installation Procedures for the Conscious Lighting * Multi-Zone Fully Dimmable Classroom Theater Lighting Kit

Option B- Hard Ceiling Mount

Step 1- Install a duplex (110-277VAC) outlet at a convenient location. This is where the CRJ will receive power, and all RJ45 cables will terminate. Ideally, this will be in the ceiling, using the existing fluorescent fixture lighting. It is assumed that the existing lighting was installed to code, and is electrically terminated at each light in a J box. Disconnect all the fluorescent lights and terminate and seal the wiring in the existing J boxes with the exception of the one closest to the desired CRJ Installation location. Use the existing wiring and J box to power the new duplex outlet. This wiring and outlet will be mounted proud of the ceiling and run to the desired CRJ location. The CRJ can be either a wall or ceiling mounted unit but must be specified with the order as they are physically differently designed for mounting. For a wall mounted system, a location high, near the ceiling, and out of the way of potential head bumps is recommended. This also minimizes system RJ45 Cable run distances.

Step 2 –Prepare to mount the CRJ. Use a template to mark the mounting holes and drill them with a masonry bit. Plug all of the RJ45 cables into the appropriate locations in the CRJ as shown in figure ---.Mount the CRJ with the fasteners provided in the kit per the instructions in figure---.

Step 2- Mark the locations of the new fixture installations. Use a template to mark the location to drill 2 masonry holes to install the new fixture J box. Using the 2 fasteners provided, install all of the fixture J boxes.

Step 3 - Mark the location of the dimmer control. Use a template to drill 2 holes to mount the dimmer. Mount the dimmer box proud of the wall. Run the RJ45 cable up the wall to the ceiling and then to the CRJ. Fasten the cable to the wall according to local code. Plug the dimmer into the CRJ.

Step 4 –Do not install the diffusers on the fixtures. This will block the mounting holes. Fasten the fixtures to their J boxes using the 2 fasteners provided in the kit per figure ---.

Step 5- Install the light fixture diffusers using the 2 fasteners supplied in the kit per the instructions shown in figure ----.

Step 6 – Run the first RJ45 cable from the CRJ to the first light and plug it in through the cable hole in the J box.

Step 7 – Plug the CRJ in after the first fixture is connected. Verify that the light is working. Using the dimming control, dim the light to a low level.

Step 8 – Run the rest of the RJ45 cables and connect them to each of the lights.

Step 9 – Fasten the lighting cables to the ceiling and wall per code.

Step 10 – Store the excess RJ45 cable loops in the excess cable storage box mounted just adjacent to the CRJ.

Step 11 – Set the zone for each light in the CRJ

Step 12 – Turn the system on and verify proper operation

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