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When he crafts a melody, he is not only thinking about how it will sound on a recording, but also about how he will bring it to life on stage.He interacts quite a bit with the audience at each show.”When I perform, I try to take myself back to the place I wrote it what was happening in my life, in my heart, at the time I wrote it,” he said. “I’m very mindful when I’m doing songs about current social issues , about being very clear with what I want to say. I want my perspective to clear and not misconstrued, so I’m always thinking, ‘What can I say before that song, even if it’s just two sentences the Twitter version of what the song is about.'”One thing he makes clear: Whether a song is a celebration or a contemplation, he likes to see people dancing to it.Franti has been performing live music for almost 30 years now, dating back to his days with the punk and spoken word band Beatnigs.

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