I want to become a Christian

Moshe, an 85 year old orthodox Jew, is lying on his deathbed in a New York apparently. He comes out of his comma and asked, “Sarah, Sarah, my wife of 55 years, are you here with me?” “Yes, Moshe, yes I am here.” “Sarah, I want you should do something for me. I want you should put on your coat, I want you should go downstairs, I want you should go to the corner to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, I want you should find a priest, and I want you should bring him back here.” “What! You want I should go get a priest and bring him back here. Why?” “I want to convert. I want to become a Christian.” “Moshe, Moshe. You have been an orthodox Jew for 85 years, you entire life. Now in your final hours, you want to convert. You want to become a Christian. You crazy!” Moshe sits bolt upright in the bed and points his finger to his head. “Crazy like a fox. Better one of them should die than one of us!”

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