I sent it in to LG, after hours of getting in contact with the

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relica birkin hermes I bought one in 2014 from the google play store. I should mention I live in Canada, this will be important later on. After a year and two months, after the warranty expired. The phone would be in a bootloop. It would start and then load a bit and then shut off, over and over and over again. I sent it in to LG, after hours of getting in contact with the right people, it cost me $40 to send it there and they refused to send it back to me in Canada so I had to have them send it to my grandmother in Michigan and pay another $40 to ship it back. It cost me $75 to repair it and took almost a month to get it repaired and back in my hands. Only two weeks later, the power button didn’t work so I had to do the fun roundabout again. It cost me another $80 in shipping, but thankfully it was covered under warranty (insert sarcastic “yeah!” here) Got it back another month later and honestly. it just wont start at all now and I’m done with it. relica birkin hermes

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