I really liked Malt, and tried to get a sample of Wood to try

“We took it for granted that we could just show up with our UConn jerseys on and people were going to lay down,” Ollie said. “Houston hit it in the mouth pretty early. And SMU, I’ve looked at the tape a couple of times.

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I spent less time with the AMens than I should have. I smelled them all up to Tonka, but mostly only briefly since Kevin was reviewing them. I really liked Malt, and tried to get a sample of Wood to try it again at home, but failed.

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Niokom D7100 Shutter 16140 – ฿ 15,000 – Udon Thani, Thailand The battery cover is a little offline.
normal use.

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Although vintage Shocking is more feminine and light than I had expected, it feels like a true “composition”, as if an entire orchestra would be needed to play it well. It feels important, but also delicate and full of character. I’m going to be heartbroken when my bottle runs dry.

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Yep. I’m a little pumped for the Draft. But we’ll be all over that like slop on a wild highway pig in the coming weeks.

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Glenys: “The label gives you confidence. Knowing you’re wearing something good makes you feel good. When you get home you have the mad feeling that you’ve got something just right.

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