I bought one of those

I really love the Wemos D1 mini platform! I bought one of those little WiFi enabled boards a few weeks ago and I’ve been playing around with it for quote some time now. One of the most interesting things was controlling it using the Blynk App. There’s a good Instructable on that as well.

small led display And finally, I want to acknowledge your neighbors and friends who help keep your this outstanding operation going, all who help to keep you Army Strong, and that includes Representatives Mike McIntyre, and Dave Price, and Heath Shuler, and Governor Bev Perdue. I know Bev is so proud to have done so much for our military families. So give them a big round of applause. small led display

outdoor led display He was often asked to make presentations and speeches on behalf of the Trust. Jim was much in demand as a public speaker over his lifetime. He often gave the address at Burn’s suppers and in recent years his talks were mostly about the history of this corner of Ontario. outdoor led display

Mini Led Display NIU’s last win over a team ranked in the AP Top 25 was Feb. 3, 1973, over No. 19 Oral Roberts. Free admission; $10 to park. Monday, July 4. Schnepf Farms, 24610 South Rittenhouse Rd., Queen Creek. Roderick MacLeod, on behalf of KGT said: “The Sheriffmuir battlefield is a fundamentally important local historic landmark, and we believe that it is a greatly underutilised resource. The proposed Sheriffmuir Park centre and trail network takes forward the principles underpinning the Battlefield Inventory and North Stirling Woodland Park and will provide an excellent recreation opportunity for local residents. It will also act https://www.cnleddisplays.com/ as a visitor attraction to encourage tourists to spend more time in Dunblane, helping to create a more sustainable local tourist economy.”. Mini Led Display

indoor led display The artists come from all over the world and the works are part of the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz. There are a few locals in the mix, including an impressively surreal vignette captured in human hair on mylar by FAT Village curator Leah Brown, called “There Was No One Else” (2011). The work actually looks like a woodcut, and it features a pregnant woman in a tub with an half human/half elk creature leaning over her as people peer in from a window.. indoor led display

4k led display Youth may have growing interest in and appreciation for science, but are they actually planning to pursue careers in it? Spotlight on Science Learning: Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce: What do Canada’s Teens Think About Their Futures?, a new research report released by Let’s Talk Science and made possible by Amgen Canada, examines just this. By understanding how teens think about their pathways, and what influences them, we can better help our youth to identify and capture tomorrow’s opportunities. Read more about the report.. 4k led display

hd led display Finally, I checked it out on the “$700 PC” that Crytek and EA have been small led display touting. It really is a $700 machine built on the latest mainstream parts (the video card is a 9800GT), and I was able to play the final boss battle at the same resolution and at Enthusiast settings and get solid frame rates. I also tried it the Gamer setting, which is essentially high, and the frame rate was buttery smooth. hd led display

led billboard In 1989, 14 young women were murdered in Montreal just because they were women. December 6th marks the anniversary of this massacre and we honour the women murdered on this day. It is important to reflect on our past, present and future and commemoratethe women that have been missing or murdered in Canada because of their gender. led billboard

led screen It is apparent that a fairly generalized confusion exists among people desiring to work at home between a work at home job and a work at home business. Further, it seems apparent that individuals are not thoroughly researching an entity’s background, specifications, and compensation PRIOR to enrolling. Therefore, it is the goal of this article to define a home based job, a home based business, and to outline the differences between the two so that those desiring to work at home may make informed choices prior to clicking on enrollment forms online led screen.

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