His motive was to make

His motive was to make a profit, and he did so with no regard for whether the goods were unsafe.”In interview, Bajwa said he started the business with a loan, had copied safety labels before attaching them to goods, and used foam filling which came from ‘Pete in Moston’, which had not been safety tested, but was cheaper.Toby Wilbraham, defending, said: “He gave his own child one of these chairs I don’t think he appreciated the risk himself.”Council bosses have slammed businessman Atif Bajwa for putting profit before safetySpeaking after the case, Ben Dolan, strategic director for environment and community safety at Manchester council, said: “Safety testing protects life and limb and cannot be casually disregarded and I hope this case makes that clear to businesses.”Mr Bajwa made no attempts whatsoever to comply with the law and put profit before children’s lives. His products could have killed or seriously injured children.”Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said: “It’s clear that Mr Bajwa made no attempts whatsoever to comply with the law. He put profit before children’s safety..

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