He looks like a guy who is very comfortable in that role

Vishal Sikka stepped down as Infosys CEO with immediate effect on Friday as friction with the company’s founders reached its climax in recent days. The year has been dominated by allegations by the company’s founders, Narayana Murthy in particular, of corporate governance violations at Infosys. While stepping down on Friday, Sikka said he “could not it anymore”, but did not take any names..

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Rain Gutter Planters One way to keep the recycling effort going and use vertical gardening space is to plant strawberries in rain gutters. The plants grow horizontally in each rain gutter, but you can mount several planters to a fence or building to create a vertical growing system. This works well if the yard is small on the sunny side of your house because you can mount the planters directly to the house.

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‘I’d love to show them true love’: Abuse victim Amy. Distraught Nicole Eggert struggles to process alleged. Meet the Democrats’ super shiny new star! Joe Kennedy III.

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