He also said he hoped to get his firearms licence back

federal officials investigating near collision at san francisco airport

Ysl replica Six time Australian Olympic shooter Michael Diamond was ruled ineligible for nomination for the Rio 2016 Olympics after his conviction. (AAP: Dean Lewins)A local court magistrate later convicted Diamond and he was then ruled ineligible for nomination for the Rio 2016 Olympics an event he had previously competed in six times before.Outside court Diamond said losing his spot in his seventh Olympics was a “costly price to pay” due to the 10 year gun licence ban.He also said he hoped to get his firearms licence back immediately.”I am relieved,” he said.”It’s been a long 17 months.”It’s really good to see that common sense has prevailed today. It would be great to resume life back in the sport that I grew up with.”The trap shooter wants the Crown to pay his court costs, but has ruled out seeking compensation. Ysl replica

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