Fighting drugs and crime was the key platform of Duterte’s

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fake celine handbags But with each and every one of us cooperating, helping each other, maybe in a month, we can do it.”The anti drug campaign has caused alarm in the West and rights groups accuse Duterte of turning a blind eye to a wave of alleged extrajudicial killings by police, mostly of low level peddlers. Police deny this, claiming self defence.Duterte said police officials who had been the subject of internal investigations should be reassigned to work in conflict zones.Fighting drugs Cheap Celine Handbags and crime was the key platform of Duterte’s election campaign, during which he promised to eradicate illicit drugs within six months. His term ends in 2022.He said he underestimated Celine Outlet the depth of problem, and on Sunday promised the crackdown would continue until the end of his six year presidency, and criticism would not stop him fake celine handbags.

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