Fantastic Racism: The reason why the Red Queen accepts Alice

Also, the capital of the Venus Republic is New London being named after the Earthside city. Nick Naming The Enemy: Venus Nationalists are called “fog eaters” by Federation troops due to the heavy mists common on Venus and the Federation troops are called “greenies” due to their mottle green fatigues. Among themselves, the Venus guerrillas called themselves “duckfoots”. Planetary Romance: The solar system and especially the depiction of a humid, heavily jungled and swampy Venus is in this tradition. Precursors: The First Empire which originated on the Fifth Planet which became the asteroid belt and whose ruins could be found on Mars and Venus and beneath the oceans of Earth.

Celine Replica handbags One of Lorraine’s superiors refers to Satchel as a “black eye”, and it’s noted early in the debriefing that one of the many bruises Lorraine received is a black eye. A subtle reveal that Lorraine is Satchel. Lorraine, despite being an MI 6 agent, chiefly uses the Makarov PM (the standard sidearm of the KGB and USSR) during her mission. While this can be explained by ammo availability where she’s operating and increased deniability when she’s forced to ditch the weapon, it’s also a clue that she’s the furthest thing from the Walther PPK wielding James Bond and not actually a British super spy, but an agent for another country. Celine Replica handbags

replica celine bags In the White Queen’s defense, she made a final plea for peace with her sister before the battle started, and it was ignored completely. You could argue that the Red Queen had only herself to blame after that. Fantastic Racism: The reason why the Red Queen accepts Alice into her court without question. Alice claims to be from a town that mocked her for her size, and that she came to the court of the Red Queen believing that she would be more tolerant. The Red Queen has absolutely no problem with this, given her own Celine Outlet disproportionate head size. Sure, this is because of her own condition, but the fact that she didn’t order Alice’s death because she happened to have a massive head that happened to match her body size is fairly impressive. Feathered Fiend: The Jub Jub Bird. The Fettered: The White Queen. Fingore: “Buttered fingers!” Fisher King: “Underland” was definitely brighter under the White Queen compared to its look under the Red Queen, and when the latter is defeated, the sky immediately gets a bit brighter. Also, watch how the scenery changes during the credits. Friend to All Living Things: The White Queen, whose “vows” include not harming any living creature. Of course, the vows say nothing about getting henchmen to do the harming for her. She almost breaks this vow by trying to swat a fly, right after she tells Alice about it. Fortunately, she doesn’t succeed. Frameup: As if the Knave’s crude attempt to seduce Alice wasn’t bad enough (see above), when hi replica celine bags

Celine Cheap All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Most notably Cliff from the first movie, but a lot of men across the franchise. This is the reasoning behind the bikini car wash as a fundraising effort in the first movie. Alpha Bitch: There’s one or two on every cheer team. Amazon Brigade: Some of the cheerleading teams. Angry Dance: Angry cheering, but same principle: the showdown at the football game in the first movie. Angst: Torrance, about the stolen cheer routines, in the first movie and Whittier, about the politics of the cheer squad, in the second. Celine Cheap

Celine Bags Replica (In contrast, Disney’s version goes the Love Redeems route but even then, it’s the Beast’s inner goodness that Belle falls in love with.) Stockholm Syndrome: The story is very difficult to tell right, and often sounds like this since there’s almost never a variant where the Beast doesn’t trap the Beauty in his castle with the intent of eventually convincing her to marry him through sheer effort. Sweet and Sour Grapes: She gets her handsome prince as soon as she decides that she doesn’t care what the beast looks like. Celine Bags Replica

replica celine handbags And the Mantis have only three ships with direct fire capabilities. Critical Existence Failure: As long as they have enough supplies to fire their weapons, it doesn’t matter how many hitpoints a given ship or defence platform has untill they hit zero, at which point they explode. Crystal Spires and Togas: Celereons ships and platforms designs. Deflector Shields: The Terrans have the weakest shields, as this technology has only recently become available to them. To compensate, their ships have very thick armor replica celine handbags.

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