Dances and Balls: The Winter Ball

The second game has examples of the following: Battle in the Center of the Mind: If you go with Jun to his appointment with Lady Xeni she can send you into Jun’s mind to try and deal with his evil past self. Dances and Balls: The Winter Ball. Dance of Romance: The MC can participate in one with their date.

Almighty Janitor: Before Kenshi reveals that he’s a Seikishi, he manages to earn this kind of reputation as Lashara’s servant. A Mech by Any Other Name: The Seikijin (“Holy Machine Men”). Amazingly Embarrassing Mother: Flora. A strange example in that it’s not humans who suddenly shut down, but robots. In Surrogates somebody sets up a plot to destroy all the surrogates and kill the humans linked into them in the process. The hero manually engages the safety overrides on all the pods but at the last minute decides to have the weapon go off anyway, destroying the surrogates while leaving human beings intact.

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