Advantages of Integrated Fixture-Based LED Classroom Lighting Systems


  1. 1. Advantages of Integrated Fixture- Based LED Classroom Lighting Systems Presented by Roger Koch
  2. 2. What is an integrated LED fixture? Integrated LED Fixture LED Bulb
  3. 3. Integrated LED Fixtures are more Energy and Cost Efficient Compared to LED Bulbs Integrated LED Fixture LED Bulb • Up to 5,000 lumens/fixture • 100,000 hours of service life • Up to 10 year warranty • Typically 600 lumens/bulb • Typically 15,000 hours of service life • Typically 2 year warranty
  4. 4. Flush Mount Wide Area Dispersion LED Fixtures Are Available • High fixture efficacy • Evenly disbursed illumination • Reduces uneven light distribution, which creates adjacent bright and dark areas • High system efficiency
  5. 5. LED Fixtures Provide Nearly Constant Lumen Output for their Entire Lifespan • No need to design for late cycle fixture light output • Improves system energy efficiency
  6. 6. LED Chips are Constantly Improving Lumen per Watt Output • This type of chip can deliver over 150 lumens/watt •This is the most efficient light-generating technology in current existence
  7. 7. Many LED Products are Dimmable • This further reduces system energy requirements
  8. 8. Use of Zones • Zones allow different lighting levels in different parts of the classroom • This saves energy • This improves projected image presentations
  9. 9. Use of Sensor-Based Controls • Occupancy sensors can be used to turn off lights when the room is not occupied • Light sensors can be used to accommodate daylight harvesting • Saves energy costs
  10. 10. Improved Color Spectrum Delivered by LED Lighting
  11. 11. LED White Light Spectrum
  12. 12. Reduction in Eye Strain and Headaches Teachers and students alike endorse the product
  13. 13. LED Lighting is a Green Solution • No mercury in the LED system • Produces 45-50 ft. candles of superior illumination at desk level utilizing only 0.5-0.6 watts/sq. ft. • Additional energy savings when utilizing dimming, zones and control sensors in the system • Most energy-efficient system available by a wide margin • Exceeds LEED Platinum levels
  14. 14. Take a load off your maintenance budget • Eliminates costly bulb, ballast, lens, and failed fixture replacement costs • Even more important in difficult to access and service locations
  15. 15. Easy and Inexpensive to Install • The D/C option can be installed as a class 2 low voltage D/C system • This is the same certification as for cable, telephone, security and internet systems • A typical classroom installation can be completed in 3-5 man-hours
  16. 16. Sample Cost-Benefit Analyses 1. The Miami Country Day Lower School canopy lighting fixture replacement project 2. The Miami Country Day High School canopy lighting fixture replacement project 3. A typical classroom lighting system replacement project


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