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A board gives us 30000 fr. 60 BOARDS AND YOU HAD 1800000 FR IN 22 DAYS. Sun Dorient is with Charles Rodel 17 January, 14:49 ·
<< March 2018 will be the month of liberation of the Coast of Hello Mr the Hi very dear brother and thank you for the wishes of new Our news is good since we are alive and continue the fight for the justice and the sovereignty Soon the joint trial of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé resumes at the Criminal Court I will certainly surprise you and with you many of From then, I remain convinced that the solution to the Ivorian problem as a whole is However, within the framework of the national direction of the FPI of which I am a member and the FPI's Coordination in Exile, our instrument of action in our shelter, are working hard to ensure that the lies of Ouattara Replica Hermes and his Western constituents are totally put to what can or should-o What about the quality of defense witnesses that Gbagbo and Blé Goudé’s lawyers will call at the helm? Some indiscretions speak of ” heavy ”, with ” irrefutable evidence ”, is this your opinion?
That’s right! It is a question of presenting real witnesses and not certain actors as we have been given. Other indiscretions also evoke President Gbagbo’s “almost certain liberation” in 2018, when we all know that the trial calendar runs short. Until I think that 2018 will be rather the year of the delivery of the Coast of I do not seize you the thank you to give me the opportunity to return largely on this question of the restoration of the Coast of Qu ‘ I am allowed to repeat; The story of Côte d’Ivoire is Since God speaks, the circumstances would mean that the Ivorian people must cross their arms and wait for God to deliver them? What could give us the assurance of this divine help after seven years ofan unbearable suffering that has only lasted too long?
I will begin to answer you by the second part of your question and will end with the In regard to the attitude to adopt in the realization of this divine miracle which is the restoration of our nation, crossing our arms would not know David, shepherd of his condition, heard a word of the Seven years, we have I come to say on this day to the Ivorians from the Lord of armies, to the most great as to the least, to the spiritual as to the carnal, that our nation will not enter an eighth year subject to the Also, every Ivorian must be actively preparing to participate in this historic moment of our Also, must we clean up our life at the risk of being swept away in the divine wave that will sweep soon on the De Plus, we must move away from any compromise with the Jehovah disposing now to make visible to the unbelieving eye the deliverance (sp I would like to be very much when the Lord has opened the field of the reconquest of our nation, the whole Ivorian population, from north to south, from east to west, through the center, will have to be outside, in the street until the victory is totally Thus, this rescue will reside in the bravery of each of us and especially our integrity not to compromise with the ideal of freedom total and It should not have any half-measure! We must vigorously counter the malice of March 2018, month of bursting of the glory of the Eternal Eburnie!!! Month of our deliverance manifested!!! May each memory retain it and remember it second-by-second!
Let’s turn now to Ivorian political news purely on the plan I would have liked not to comment on the commander’s remarks In any case, we remain serene with a clear conscience of all According to you, for his defense the accused Abéhi was it in the conditions psychOptimal ologies, say to be more precise, in possession of all his mental and physical faculties after so many years of torture and detention without trial and sometimes without access to visits?
I would know only you However, some soldiers like Dogbo Ble, Vagba Fausigno, Seka Seka, Hosea Loguey, and so on, have passed through this Luciferian Guillotine of Ouattara, remaining to each of them, I say; let’s be strong, the day is already here!
After Koua Justin and Dano Djédjé, Dahi Nestor was released on Wednesday, January 10th I understand that comrades Koua and Dahi have exhausted their arrests, convictions and the liberties provisions have only one objective, to weaken the As in January 2017, the former rebels of the north were again noted January The Ivory Coast is like Ouattara wanted it to be: http://www.ssublindside.com ungovernable! The rebels are in the image of the one who has them Some specialists evoke indiscipline in the new army Ivorian after 2011 due to the lack of training of the old It is not necessary to do a military discipline, it s’ teaches and people picked up here and there, hastily on a purely ethnic basis without a strict minimum of training could give a better result than we think you Alassane Ouattara supreme chief of the Armed Forces of Côte d’Ivoire has he really control his troops? If not, what should be done to restore tranquility within the populations?
Ouattara has no Ouattara is right supreme chief of the army but in fact, it is a simple instrument of these men in Ouattara can not The CEI is still not restructured at the request of the Opposition and as called for by the decision of the African Court of Human Rights and Human Rights.

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